The basic policies of environmental issues

  • Maintaining the organization system such as the Environmental committee in order to realize activities considering environmental conservationist in a higher level.
  • Based on the management philosophy of "social service and expression of gratitude, "we will keep in close contact with our customers, residents of our society and related government offices. Next we will set purposes,objectives and plans that can be realized, and aim at continuously upresing the environmental systems and theI effects.
  • Among the influences on the environmant by corporate activities and products/services,we will especially pay attention to the following items and make efforts on improving them;
    • In order to reduce waste, we well promote reuse recycing by separating plastic, cardboards and paper,and challenge to zero emission.
    • As measure saving energy for promoting natural resource conservation and preventing greenhouse effects ,we will reduce the amount of electricity and gasoline.
    • We will control the amount of paper used, and promote photocopying both sides of each piece of paper for forest conservation.
    • In order prevent environmental pollution as a manufacturer, we will change material from vinyl chloride to polrpropylene and PET, and promote the use of biodegradable plastic.
    • We well promate greening activites.
  • Not only obeying the environmental legislations and regulations, we will reduce bad effects to the environment by setting voluntary in-house standards.
  • We will train ourselves to be absolutely sure for preventive measures and actions at times of urgency in order to make the damages to the environment in urgent disasters to a minimum.
  • We will prectice in-house environmental investigations and continuous improvements of environmantal management systems.
  • Through environmental education, publicity works and awarding systems,we will upraise the understanding of the environmental basic policies and the consciusness toward the environment in each colleague in our company.
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